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About Congressional Fellowships

Congressional fellow within Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's office (R-FL27)

In this program post-graduate students take part in challenging projects. Their duties and responsibilities may range from conducting legislative research for a congressional office to answering constituent mail. They also attend   congressional hearings and prepare briefings for members of Congress. Participants must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment by their university or institution.Please refer to the  application requirements section.

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academic Courses at TWC

The Washington Center classes

The Washington Center aims to provide its students with an integrated work and academic experience, and the courses offered by The Washington Center are an integral part of that overall learning experience. These courses provide students with a chance to step back from their daily work and to reflect through an academic lense on broader aspects of what goes on around them as they experience Washington, D.C. These courses may supplement the courses offered at your home institution or offer a unique opportunity to pursue a specific interest not available on your campus.

Each course meets once a week for three hours from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The course format is generally seminar style with high expectation for class participation. Courses at The Washington Center include active, experiential and reflective learning.

Lead Programming 

LEAD Program, TWC
LEAD is an acronym for Leadership Curriculum, Engagement, Achievement and Development. All of these components are incorporated into full-day Friday programming that is designed for students to have opportunities to engage meaningfully with their communities and with professionals in a variety of settings. An Academic Program Advisor serves as the facilitator for panel discussions, site visits and briefings that dig deeper into the resources that Washington, DC, has to offer.  The Academic Program Advisor will also mentor students, assign projects for reflection and provide feedback on their progress.

The Washington Center
Sample List of Academic Courses 
Courses in American Politics and Public Policy
  • Campaigning for a Cause: How Advocacy Groups change the world
  • Government and Business in the New Economic and Political Reality
Courses in International Affairs and Foreign Policy
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • International Human Rights
  • How Washington Engages the Arab Middle East
Courses on Law and Criminal Justice
  • Philosophy of Law, the Supreme Court, and the U.S. Constitutional Tradition
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Introduction to Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Essentials for Aspiring Leaders
  • Nonprofit Leadership and Management
  • Research and Writing Seminar
Business, Management and Public Administration
  • Global Markets and International Business Strategies
  • From Ideas to Action: the Anatomy of Entrepreneurship
Additional details

A course guide (including descriptions and faculty biographies) for your specific term in Washington will be made available approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to your arrival.